Wine Garden Zadar

Enjoying the wines of local area has gained a new dimension.
In the courtyard of the former church of St. Roko on main Zadar market, the city’s first wine garden, Wine Garden Zadar, has opened its doors!

A small wine oasis has been created with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere that tells its own unique story. Since it is a kind of a monument, heritage, we were not allowed to intervene too much in changing the space, but the place is just so beautiful and special as it is.


Where we are?

WineGarden is located in the very center of Zadar peninsula in the old city center, at the old city open market, which has been one of the most important parts of the city’s identity for millennia. When you say “I’m going to the Market” in Zadar, everybody in Zadar knows exactly which one.
And that is where we are..